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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Palm Beach Post







A University of Kentucky professor was indicted by a Fort Lauderdale grand jury in connection with a scheme to distribute fake Botox anti-wrinkle shots, documents released Tuesday revealed. Dr. Robert S. Baker is a director of at the university's Lexington hospital. Florida osteopathic physician Bach McComb, who injected himself and three others who became paralyzed in November with botulism, was charged last month in a 48-count indictment, along with two Arizona naturopathic doctors, Chad Livdahl and Zarah Karim. The earlier indictment did not include Baker, who could not be reached for comment. Prosecutors are seeking forfeiture of $1.5 million in "ill-gotten gains" from the fake Botox sales in addition to jail time for those charged.

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Byline: Compiled by: Lynne Michelle

WhatOs the most youOve ever spent on a face cream? Not much. I donOt think price matters, youOve just got to find something that suits your skin and stick to it. How can a face cream be worth pounds 1,000? ItOs ridiculous. For that, IOd want a face lift.

WhatOs your beauty extravagance? Spas. I love to try out new treatments I the last one was a dry float which involved being wrapped in detoxing seaweed and put on a water bed. It was all warm, dark and squishy, but lovely I the closest thing to being back in the womb.

And your idea of beauty heaven? My last pampering holiday in the Maldives. The hotel spa was right on the water and had a glass floor, so I could see the fish swimming while I was being massaged.

WhatOs your worst beauty crime? IOm very hairy and often forget to pluck my eyebrows and look like a monster. My make-up artist will take one look at me and attack me with her tweezers.

Are you high-maintenance? No. LifeOs too short to cleanse, tone and moisturise every single night, so I donOt give myself a hard time if I forget. When IOm on holiday, IOm especially lazy. My hair grows so fast in the sun and I donOt bother shaving my legs. But youOve got to let things be natural sometimes.

YouOre 34 now I how do you feel about ageing? IOd like to think IOll grow old gracefully, and I hope every single wrinkle on my face tells a story. IOm not going to get paranoid about getting older because IOve still got lots to do with my life.

Would you ever have ? I think weOre in a phase where itOs acceptable, but personally IOm scared about going under the knife for something that isnOt medically necessary. But in 20 years I might say, OGosh I look awful, surgery would really make me happy.O

Are you careful about the sun? People say, ODonOt go in the sunO, but I think it makes you feel great, and if youOre sensible, why not enjoy it? I like to tan, but I donOt burn and I get my moles checked. I donOt think thereOs anything wrong with ending up looking a bit weathered I you look like youOve spent your whole life on holiday. What could be better than that?

How do you cope with a bad face day? I exfoliate to scrub away the greyness, then I slap on an intensive moisturising mask and drink loads of water.

How do you stay in shape? IOve got a personal trainer three times a week. If I stop exercising, I soon know about it I IOm low on energy and feeling untoned and podgy. Especially here (prods stomach). My mumOs just like me I if she puts on weight, her arms and legs stay the same, but her middle goes like a barrel.

Is there anything you would like to change about your body? Without wanting to sound smug, IOm pretty happy with myself at the moment.

So you donOt have any weight worries then? Oh, I have to work at it. IOve had fat times where IOve thought, OGod IOm never going to shift this before I start filmingO, but if I put my mind to it, I always can. My attitude is, donOt moan about it, be proactive and sort it.

Do you have cellulite? Everyone has some cellulite somewhere. If I clench my bum I can definitely find some, donOt you worry.

Have you ever done a detox? Every few months I do a detox where I drink a horrible tea that smells like camel poo, but itOs good to give my insides a rest every now and again. I do believe in a good clear-out. IOd love to go to one of those detox places in Thailand where they flush you right out with a week of colonics.

Are you shocked by how thin some celebs are? Being onscreen really does put pounds on you, so celebrities who look OK on TV often look horribly skinny when you see them in real life. ItOs all good for your work, but then youOve got to walk round all day looking that spindly and unhealthy.

So would you turn into an LA lollipop for your dream role? If the role was right, yes, but IOd always come back to the real me afterwards. But IOd slim down through exercise, not through some dangerous extreme diet.

WhatOs your diet like? Pretty healthy I I eat lots of salad, fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken and pasta. I donOt really eat desserts because I donOt have a sweet tooth I IOd rather eat a bowl of garlic-marinated olives than a Toblerone.

YouOre involved in AvonOs new breast cancer campaign I has it made you more health-conscious? ItOs made me realise how important early detection is, so IOm making the effort to check my breasts regularly. Kate Thornton actually showed me how to do it properly I she interviewed me for a programme she was making on breast cancer and she taught me which bits I had to feel.

The campaignOs called Shake It I whenOs the last time you had a good old boogie? IOm always dancing I itOs my way of throwing off a bad day. When IOm out, IOm always the first on the dance floor. IOll be up on the table if thereOs no other room. IOm very embarrassing. When IOm 80, IOm going to be the awful old granny who turns up to weddings and grinds away with all the young men.

To find out about Avon products, call 0845 601 4040 or log on to The Shake It! CD is a compilation of celebritiesO favourite dance tracks and costs pounds 6.99 I proceeds go to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. See


Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm Lip & Eye Cream, pounds 22.75 This makes my skin feel really smooth and instantly softens lines. If my skinOs feeling tired, IOll treat myself to a Dermalogica facial.

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Bath Oil, pounds 35 If IOm relaxing at home, thereOs nothing nicer than a long soak in a bath full of this.

Acqua Di Parma Colonia, pounds 49.95 My signature scent I a gorgeous mix of citrusy and herby smells.

Avon Planet Spa Shea Butter Foot & Elbow Cream, pounds 4 So moisturising, and it smells gorgeous I like butterscotch. People always tell me, OMmm, you smell like a sweetie.O

Avon Face Pearls, pounds 7 These catch the light beautifully and are great for sweeping over cheekbones.